A visiting Christian Science nurse provides practical care and comfort for those seeking healing in Christian Science.  Services include:

1.  Assisting with light care, bed care, and bathing.

2.  Cleaning and covering wounds.

3.  Planning menus and preparing meals.

4.  Assisting new mothers and newborn babies.

5.  Making friendly visits to support an individual’s study of Christian Science.

6.  Loaning mobility aids for a few months, at no charge. (Note: There is a reimbursement charge for the cost of items that the visiting Christian Science nurse buys for the client, such as groceries, bandages, or other purchases requested by the client.)

7.  Assisting with travel arrangements to a Christian Science care facility.

8.  Giving non-medical physical assistance to clients who are relying solely on Christian Science for healing and who are receiving treatment from a Christian Science practitioner.  When a client is a child under 18, treatment from a Christian Science practitioner is vital.  (Membership in a Christian Science church is not required of a client.)

9.  Helping a client’s family members maintain in the home a spiritual atmosphere conducive to immediate and complete healing.

Though most visits from our Christian Science nurse are one hour to two hours in length, the duration of a stay is flexible, depending on the need.  In emergency situations, overnight care may be provided. 

If longer-term service is needed and home care remains the appropriate option, the visiting Christian Science nurse may assist in arranging for a private-duty Christian Science nurse or aide.  The visiting Christian Science nurse may also provide information about Christian Science nursing facilities to a client and a client’s family members.